KNX Module


The KNX Module enables KNX/EIB connectivity for the NEXUS platform.

The key features are:


  • Supported by knxd open source driver.
    • Source code on Github
    • Can be used for programming over the network (TCP/IP Gateway).
    • Supports ETS Professional/Inside programming (unofficial).
  • Based on TP-UART2 IC
  • Automatic detection by USB descriptor.
  • Supports hard reset and bus voltage detection by FTDI/GPIO interface.


  • Compatible standards:
    • KNX/EIB V2.1
    • EN 50090
    • EN 13321
    • GB/T 20965
  • USB<->KNX circuit galvanically isolated by opto-isolators.
  • Reverse polarity protected.
  • ESD and fuse protected.
  • KNX circuit is bus powered.
  • Dedicated RX&TX Leds.
  • LEDs for bus assignment, overtemperature and bus voltage failure.
  • Large temperature range -25°C – 85°C.

Hardware Specification

Operating voltage 20V - 30V
Typical operating current 10mA
Max. operating current 15mA
Absolute maximum voltage 0V - 35V

Important notes

  • Device is not certified by the KNX Association.
Release date 2021-08-01
Current hardware version 1.2.2
Bootloader support limited
Protocol USB-2.0-12Mbit
Product information last updated 2023-11-27
Dimensions 125x24.4x80mm (LxWxH)
Further documentation and manuals
TP-UART 2 datasheet and programming manual
Version Release date Changelog
1.2.2 2023-02-16