Certifications in progress

2022-09-08 16:00:00 +0200 CEST

We are currently working on successfully completing the necessary EMC-tests and certifications for our hardware.
The first full test run has shown that we pass most standards without any problems. However, there are still some minor issues that can be resolved through hardware modifications. The next test run is scheduled for September and we are confident that we will complete it successfully.

In development the focus in the last months was to finish the user interface. In the meantime, the addons for openHAB are also largely completed, as well as our RESTful APIs.

The user interface for system management is now equipped with a wide range of functions:

  • User accounts, region and security settings are conveniently set during initial setup
  • Network control
    • Extensive configuration of Ethernet modules
    • Automatic search and setup of WLAN networks
    • Easy setup of WLAN modules as access points
  • Preconfigured apps (like openHAB, databases etc…) can be installed, removed and controlled (start/stop) with one click
  • Download and installation of system updates
    Preview (Work in Progress)
    Preview (Work in Progress)

Apart from the UI changes, a few things have also changed.
WLAN modules are now Plug&Play capable and are automatically started in access point mode by default.
This allows direct connection and setup via a default password.
This also applies to KNX modules, which are automatically assigned their own network segments.

These changes are not yet on Github because we haven’t found the time to do it yet.
The plan is to do this by the end of the year.

Unfortunately, there is only limited good news regarding the availability of semiconductor components.
Although some orders have been delivered in the meantime, there are still some parts missing that are essential for the sales launch.
However, we will start production after completion of the certification and will place the missing parts in a second production run.

Richard Schleich