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NOREYA NEXUS UNITY: The Open Smart Home Solution

NOREYA NEXUS UNITY is the ultimate home automation solution, combining innovative hardware and smart software for seamless control of your smart home. Our platform is based on an open, modular and multi-vendor idea, so you can easily integrate existing smart devices and expand your system with new ones.

The NEXUS Mainboard is the heart of our system and, when combined with the Modules, allows you to connect to a variety of standards such as KNX, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Digital/Analog IO and many others. Whether you want to control your lighting, heating, security, or entertainment systems, NOREYA NEXUS UNITY has everything you need.

Our out-of-the-box support for openHAB 3 provides a user-friendly interface to control your smart home, allowing you to set up custom scenes, automate tasks, and monitor your home from anywhere in the world.

NOREYA NEXUS UNITY stands for the highest quality of hardware and software. That’s why we use the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 as the core of our platform. Our products are certified to meet the highest standards of safety and reliability.

Experience the future of open home automation with NOREYA NEXUS UNITY.

Smart Home

Based on open source software

Our software is based on open source principles, which ensures that you can use, customize and share it. This applies not only to our application software, but also to drivers and firmware.

Thanks to our open source software, you can customize and extend your NOREYA NEXUS UNITY platform to meet your specific needs. You have the opportunity to develop your own applications and share them with the community to fully exploit the potential of our platform.

In addition, the use of open source software means that our platform always remains on the cutting edge of technology and is equipped with the latest functions and improvements.

We are committed to ensuring that our platform is not only innovative, but also transparent and accessible. We believe that open source software is the best way to fully exploit the potential of home automation.

Smart Home

No cloud obligation

The NOREYA NEXUS UNITY solution is a non-cloud based device and can be operated completely without a network connection if required.

Although we offer cloud services, they are optional and can be used as needed. We want to give our customers the freedom to control and monitor their home automation in the way that suits them best.

With NOREYA NEXUS UNITY, you are in control of your smart home and can control your devices and applications without cloud dependency. However, the option to access cloud services is always available to you for added flexibility and convenience.

Our solution is designed to protect the privacy and security of our customers by not depending on cloud-based services. You are in control of your data and can rest assured that it is safe and secure.

Choose NOREYA NEXUS UNITY to have ultimate control over your smart home without worrying about privacy.