About Us

NOREYA NEXUS is a project of NOREYA Technology e.U., founded by Richard Schleich in 2019.

As an embedded hardware and software developer who values the benefits of open platforms, especially open-source software, he encountered numerous challenges in building a future-ready Smart Home.

Despite the existence of several extensive open-source projects attempting to connect the diverse Smart Home ecosystem, the hardware used (Raspberry Pi, USB dongles, IO-Hats, etc.) often lacked reliability, maintainability, and compatibility with each other.

To address this issue, a hobby project emerged to develop hardware based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module to overcome these challenges. The electronics, firmware, drivers and the case were developed by Richard Schleich. Special thanks are also extended to Philipp Polzhofer, who actively supported the project at times and played a significant role in planning and implementing the driver architecture.

In early 2019, the decision to become independent was made, leading Richard Schleich to establish the company NOREYA Technology e.U. The company aimed to offer hardware and software services and bring the NOREYA NEXUS project to series production.