Intuitive Control

Our product is characterized by user-friendly controls and can be effortlessly operated through our NOREYA Control Center Web-App.
The installation of apps is straightforward with just a button press.
The initial setup, system updates, and configurations require no manual intervention through the console.

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Long-Term Updates & Sustainable Product Support

Our products are designed with a focus on sustainability and long-term use. Therefore, we provide continuous support in the form of updates and upgrades.
Thanks to our Open Source strategy, there is also the possibility of independent support from the user community.

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The NOREYOS operating system is based on Debian. Additional software we integrate is maintained in a separate repository to keep the structure clean and transparent. You can find the source code of our software on Github.

Excellent Hardware Support

Our software ensures comprehensive support for our hardware at all levels. This is ensured through the following measures:

  • Firmware updates for all modules/devices: We provide continuous support through firmware updates to ensure optimal functioning of all hardware components.
  • Extended Linux Kernel Build: Our Linux kernel build is specially customized and includes all necessary drivers as well as performance enhancements. We integrate stable driver backports from the latest developments at
  • User-Space Drivers, Frameworks, and Services: Our software includes comprehensive user-space drivers, frameworks, and services that support all hardware features. This ensures that all hardware functions can be optimally utilized.
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Open to Alternative Software

Unlike other providers, we do not lock our platform, including our firmware, against alternative software.

You can easily run other Linux distributions compatible with the Raspberry Pi CM3 (such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Arch…) out-of-the-box on our hardware.

The firmware on our microcontrollers can be easily replaced through the bootloader or directly via the SWD interface.

API Documentation

Our APIs are open and well documented.

Component Selection

When selecting components for our platform, we prefer durable, maintainable, well-documented, and open products.

IO Module Tests

Automated Testing System

To ensure the highest quality, we consistently rely on continuous integration and fully automated tests for all our products. This includes comprehensive hardware function tests in most modules.

IO Module Tests
IO Module Tests