Power Module


The Power Module provides up to 30W power for the NOREYA Nexus platform.

The Key features are:


  • Continuous voltage, current and power monitoring at 1000 samples per second.
  • Active overload protection with persistent internal error counters.
    • Includes voltage, current and temperature.
  • Configurable power limit.
  • Bootloader & Firmware update support.
  • Programmable via the Module RESTful API


  • Additional passive (“analog”) overload protection in case of firmware failure.
  • Integrated Noctua fan with PWM control and RPM measurement.
    • Cools power supply components and the Raspberry Pi Compute Module.
  • Integrated temperature sensors.
  • Visual load indication in 10% increments.

Hardware Specification

Max. power usage (AC) 33W
Input voltage range 85 – 264VAC
Input frequency range 47 – 440Hz
Input connector IEC-60320-C8 (C7 cable needed, “figure of eight”)
Operating temperature (ambient air) 0°C – 50°C
Storage temperature -20°C – 70°C
Max. total power provided (DC) <= 50°C 30W
Max. total power provided (DC) @ 60°C 23W
Max. total power provided (DC) @ 70°C 15W
Max. power provided 12V 28W
Max. power provided 5V 25W
Max. power provided 3V3 23W
3V3 rail voltage range 3.240V - 3.440V
5V rail voltage range 4.608V - 5.202V
12V rail voltage range 11.30V - 12.77V
Release date 2023-12-01
Current hardware version 3.1.1
Current firmware version 1.0.0
Firmware last updated 2023-05-16
Bootloader support yes
Protocol SDBP-1.0.0
Dimensions 125x50.5x80mm (LxWxH)
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Product information last updated 2024-06-17