IO Module


The IO Module provides six individually configurable ports, each one has multimeter capabilities.

The key features are: Software


  • 6 individually configurable ports.
  • Each port supports the following functions:
    • Analog Input
    • Digital Input with frequency counter
    • Current measurement (output)
  • Each port can be configured via software as 5V or 12V output.
  • All ports are protected against voltages up to 50V (see below).
  • Up to 6W output power per port.
  • Active overload protection
    • Includes voltage, current and power monitoring.
    • Configurable voltage and power limits.
    • Typical reaction time <5ms.
    • Notification support, error triggers software notification for the application.
  • Failsafe design
    • In case of power failure or software problem, the ports are automatically disconnected via relay.
    • Each port has physical fuses for extreme cases.
  • Continuous monitoring of voltage, current and power with 1000 samples per second/port.
  • Good ESD and surge protection allows direct control of inductive loads.
  • Large temperature range -40°C – 85°C.


  • Relay control
  • Fan control
  • Motor control (PWM)
  • Electronic door lock control
  • Door/Window open/closed detection
  • LED control
  • Analog sensor reading (temperature, humidity, photodetector… )

Hardware Specification


Number of ports 6
Voltage level in output mode 5V or 12V
Min./Max. voltage 5V level** 4.2V / 5.2V
Min./Max. voltage 12V level** 10.5V / 12.1V
Max. current*** 300mA @ 5V / 500mA @ 12V
PWM maximum frequency 0 – 1MHz
PWM timer resolution 16-Bit
Resolution of the current measurement 1mA
Non damaging external voltage range* 0-50V @ 150W
  • Strongly depends on the test characteristics
    ** Depends on the load *** Use as a current sink possible, however, without overcurrent detection


Measurement range 0V – 25V
Measurement precision 10mV
Measurement tolerance 10%@1V 5%@25V
Non damaging input range -2V – 50V
Maximum input current 1mA

Digital input

Measurement range 0V – 25V
HIGH level trigger 20V
LOW level trigger 12V
Frequency measurement tolerance 10%
Frequency measurement range 1000-250000 Hz
Non damaging input range -2V – 50V
Maximum input current 1mA

Important notes

  • The maximum output power may be limited by the power supply (power module).
  • The connections/modules are not galvanically isolated.
Release date 2021-08-01
Current hardware version 2.1.0
Current firmware version
Firmware last updated 2023-08-21
Bootloader support yes
Protocol SDBP-1.0.0
Dimensions 125x24.4x80mm (LxWxH)
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Product information last updated 2023-11-27
Version Release date Changelog
2.1.0 2023-03-15
Version Release date Changelog
1.0.1 2023-08-21
1.0.0 2023-05-10
1.0.0 2023-05-09
1.0.0 2023-05-09
0.11.1 2022-09-12
0.11.0 2022-05-18
0.10.0 2022-01-21