ZW9959 Module


ITU-T G.9959 is a wireless standard for home automation. With the standard, lighting, security systems, heating, door locks, multimedia, energy monitoring, and more can be automated. It enables remote control and automation for a connected home.

The ZW9959 Module enables ITU-T G.9959 wireless connectivity and can be used with the Z-Wave* protocol.

The key features are:


  • Enhanced kernel driver support
  • Supported by Linux kernel open source drivers (virtual serial device)
  • Supports firmware updates
  • Plug & Play support by openHAB
Supported protocols ITU-T G.9959, Z-Wave*
Max. power consumption 0.5W
Operating frequencies (EU, Russia, India, China…) 868 MHz band
Operating frequencies (Australia, Brasil, Japan…) 921 MHz band
Operating frequencies (USA, Israel…) 908 MHz band
Operating temp. range (ambient air) 0°C – 50°C

* The compatibility is not certified, it is a third-party accessory.

Release date 2023-12-01
Current hardware version V1.0.0
Bootloader support yes
Protocol USB-2.0-12Mbit
Product information last updated 2024-06-17
Dimensions 125x24.4x80mm (LxWxH)