For Developers

If you are a developer interested in our platform, be sure to check our comprehensive Documentation.
Specific technical details can be found in the Technical Details and RESTful API sections.
Also, check out our repositories on Github.

Hardware Development Kits for Open Source Developers

We aim to support every interesting Open-Source Smart Home project on our platform!

If you are an active developer/maintainer of such a project, you can request a development kit with modules of your choice at a significant discount or, in special cases, even for free.

Please note that this offer is at our discretion, has limited availability, and is subject to individual evaluation.
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Offering for Companies

If you are interested in selling our products, acquiring larger quantities, or need B2B support, contact us via Email or through our Request Form.

Offering for Hardware Developers

Have you built a compatible hardware module for a non-existent interface or are considering doing so? Our Hardware Initiative might be of interest.

We provide you with the opportunity to certify, produce, and sell the hardware for yourself. In return, we share the revenue with you, with the percentage depending on the quality of the design and the tasks and risks we need to undertake.

For more information, visit here.
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