We are proud to have built our software platform on open source projects like Debian GNU/Linux, openHAB and many others.
Accordingly, we are very interested in releasing our own software under open source licenses to ensure long-term maintainability and to allow easy integration of alternative open source projects.

Our operating system software (drivers, OS, applications) are generally released under an open source license.
For the firmware this applies as far as it is legally possible.
This means in some cases that the source code is available but not OSI compatible.

Since the practical use as well as the legal situation of open source software and hardware is very different, we do not intend to do this.

For software development all important pinouts and schematics can be found in the documentation or source code.
Repair instructions for various modules can also be found in the documentation.
It possible to license our hardware designs if you are interested

Our platform is open to anyone who wants to use it.
Information can be found here.

No, our business model is not based on analyzing or selling data to third parties.
Basically, data protection is a very important aspect for us, so we try not only to protect the data comprehensively, but also not to collect it in the first place.
Our products can be used offline (a [W]LAN module is not necessary for operation!) and all cloud services are optional.

We currently do not offer a list of officially supported devices, so we recommend checking the compatibility lists of your preferred smart home software before purchasing.
We use a variety of smart home devices in our test systems and plan to publish them in the future.

With the CM3 we have long term experience and some of our early prototypes have been working for years without failures.
The additional CPU power and large RAM memory to the detriment of power consumption are, in our experience, not necessary for use as a pure smart home system. (For other tasks like network storage, Nextcloud, virtualization, however, they are…).

In the long term, a version/upgrade with CM4S support is planned.
The module interface will definitely remain compatible to allow an easy upgrade.